Check out our guide below to make packing and storing easier, faster, and more efficient.

Guide to Great Storage

No matter what you’re storing, these tips can make the process smoother and less complicated.
Need help with something specific? Our friendly staff at any of our facilities will be happy to assist.

Boxes & Bins

Make sure most of your moving boxes or storage bins are the same size. This saves space and makes stacking easier.


Fill boxes completely. No one wants storage containers to start crumpling! Label all of your moving boxes, on all sides. You’ll thank yourself later.


Use packing paper, old newspapers or bubble wrap to save breakable items from jostling. Don’t use plastic bags, especially for water sensitive items (these can gather moisture).


Balance the weight of your moving boxes with a mix of heavy and lighter items so that moving is easier. Cramming your storage unit full may be tempting, but make sure there’s space to walk!

Art & Mirrors

Create criss-crosses with masking tape over the front of glass-covered art and mirrors. Save space and guard against scratches by placing flat items upright.


No matter how long you plan to store, disassemble big furniture like tables and bed frames to reduce the space they take up.

Special Items

Apply a protective treatment to materials like leather, metal and wood items to guard against wear during shipping and storage. And make sure to select a  temperature controlled facility.


Our facilities are safe and secure. Only provide access to your unit to people you trust.

Visual Guide

Wondering what unit is right for you? Our visual guide shows you how much storage each size can accommodate, and our friendly staff can help you make a selection during a site visit.


5′ x 5′ | 25 sq.ft.

Small furniture storage like drawers, twin or queen mattress set, boxes, chairs, cabinet, and office furniture.


5′ x 10′ | 50 sq.ft.

Can store furnishings from a one-bedroom apartment or studio, such as a mattress set, sofa, dining room supplies and moving boxes.


5′ x 15′ | 75 sq.ft.

Furniture storage from a one-bedroom apartment including deck items, washer-dryer, desk and boxes.


10′ x 10′ | 100 sq.ft.

Stores one or two-bedroom’s worth of furniture, such as washer-dryer, refrigerator, patio furniture and many boxes.


10′ x 15′ | 150 sq.ft.

Contains items from two or three-bedroom home or apartment, including appliances, many boxes, desk, furniture and patio supplies.


10′ x 20′ | 200 sq.ft.

Fits furnishings from a three or four-bedroom apartment or house, including patio and home furniture, appliances, many moving boxes, desk and extras.


10′ x 25′ | 250 sq.ft.

Furnishings from a three or four-bedroom home and apartment, such as appliances, garage extras, furniture, smaller vehicles like motorcycles and miscellaneous supplies.


10′ x 30′ | 300 sq.ft.

Belongings from a four or five-bedroom home: appliances, patio furniture, garage extras, vehicles, desk, office furniture, boxes and more.

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